3 Reasons why your Company should Switch to Application Whitelisting

Computer viruses have developed alongside IT, and using the digital highway to move around, a piece of malware can effectively destroy all files or cause major disruption, at the very least. We are all aware of the importance of anti-virus software, and indeed would already be using a particular program to protect the company’s data, yet the traditional blacklisting programs take up a lot of the computer’s resources, as it must check every file, to see if any are on the blacklist. Whitelisting is a different approach, and if you are wondering why anyone would make the change, here are just a few of the benefits whitelisting can offer a business.

  1. Free Up your IT Resources – Blacklisting involves creating a list of code that is known to be malicious, which is called the virus definition database, and this must be upgraded almost daily, as new viruses are discovered, and if they are not added to your virus definition files, then your program will simply not see the attack. The amount of work the processor must do to constantly scan through the files, looking for known bad code, is enormous, and many administrators refuse to work with blacklisting anti-virus programs for that very reason. No more waiting while the massive virus definition files are replaced by new ones, as with whitelisting, there is no need for such data, in fact the entire application would come in at less than 5Mb.
  2. A Safer Alternative – Traditional blacklisting simply stops a known virus from executing, but in the case of a new virus, it would have no data on that, and the malicious file would get through and into your hard drive, and from there, anything can happen. With whitelist application solutions, only specified files are allowed to run, and if any file is not on that list, it cannot execute, and with secure quarantine, it cannot damage your critical data. This is fast becoming the more popular anti-virus solution, as it offers a higher level of protection, and frees up essential resources at the same time.
  3. Easy to Program – The user interface would be very easy to understand, and with so many options, it is possible to configure the system to work efficiently in the background, providing round the clock protection and keeping you informed at all times. Whitelist application solutions are also very flexible, allowing for change in the dynamic world of Internet technology, and with expert help from the developers, your business will be totally protected at all times. Network tracking allows an administrator to know where any file is and where it originated from, and with a range of tools at their disposal, they can effectively monitor and control even the largest of networks.


Critical data must be protected and with hackers growing in confidence and creating hard to locate viruses, it pays to protect yourself in the best way possible, with a whitelisting application.

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