4 Tips for Planning a Successful Corporate Event

Arranging a large corporate event can be a very difficult undertaking, you must choose an event which interests people and hopefully attracts a big audience, it needs to be engaging and creative so that your shareholders will attend the event in large numbers. Your event will have a set of exclusive requirements which you must carefully consider during the process of planning and preparation.

  1. Video Production

It is great to successfully run an effective corporate event, but it is vitally important you capture the whole spectacle on camera, hiring a professional, competent video production team will help you record your event on video, they will create a high quality production which really emphasises the key message of your event while aiming to highlight your  event in the most effective way. If your company is based out of the UK there are a number of video production company’s you can contact to gather information on the their services, Guille Ibanez is an excellent camera operator in Manchester who has an impressive portfolio  and years of experience in the film industry.

  1. Venue

The location you choose is extremely important to the success of the event, the venue should hold some sort of relation to the event, the area should link the theme of the event to the setting, it should also have enough space to host and cater for your every need. A beautiful location coupled with an excellent cameraman will ensure that the video of your event will be a resounding success. It is a good idea to research a multi purpose premises which gives you some flexibility when deciding on the theme, you can have multiple areas catering for specific environments.

  1. Cost

Hosting a corporate event can be an expensive outing, you will have to employ a number of different people to successfully manage the event, your budget will require planning for video production, entertainment, transport, venue and various other responsibilities. It is important not to get over exuberant when planning the event, focus on your main priorities and budget appropriately so that your event does not run into any problems or issues, it is wise to create a contingency plan in the event of an emergency.

  1. Product Recognition, Imaging & Branding

One of the main aims of your event should be to showcase your brand or product to a wider audience, the best way to accomplish this is to work closely with the video production team to create a film which perfectly communicates your company mission and brand objectives. Once the video production team understands your vision, they will develop a piece which can be used and advertised on multiple marketing platforms, the most important one being social media, a relatively short, creative, informative clip is an excellent way of promoting your event and business online. The event should be appropriately themed with images and brands strategically placed to maximise your marketing potential.

Corporate events should be company projects designed to create interest in brands, imaging, and products, they must be appropriately planned and created to deliver a clear and concise message. They should also be fun, enjoyable and memorable for everyone in attendance.

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