A Guide to Hiring a Telehandler

A telehandler is an advancement upon the traditional forklift truck. The telehandler is an adaptation, usually, incorporating a boom lift for the transportation of loads found in, or delivered to, awkward access locations; places a normal forklift could not reach.

So, the first thing to decide is;

  • Where can I find the right vehicle for the job?

Telehandlers are specialist industrial pieces of machinery; individual machines designed for a specific tasks. You may well need advice as to the right telehandler required for your particular job. You should speak with a reliable, experienced company that specialises in such equipment.

A well-reviewed company such as UK Forks has all the credentials and all the machinery to boot. Check out their website, it’s a good example of a company that’s obviously on the ball; an easy to navigate and most informative site.

What’s more their selection of vehicles is staggering; if they haven’t got the solution to your dilemma then there isn’t a solution!

Find a company, such as UK Forks, that has experienced, helpful and knowledgeable staff who are ready, and willing, to offer helpful advice.

Find a telephone contact and call the company. Their response will alert you as to their professionalism and helpfulness.

  • What kinds of telehandlers are available?

Well, if you go to a small, new company, then the answer is probably ‘not many’. You may well end up being fudged off with a totally inadequate machine unlikely to complete your task; or worse still unlikely to complete your task, safely.

Safety, for a responsible hiring company, is a prime issue. Hire the wrong machine and you may find yourself in difficulty. This is where a knowledgeable company holding a wide range of telehandlers can ensure that you get the right machine, man enough or agile enough, to complete your job safely.

Again, check out UK Forks (www.ukforks.com), their range of telehandlers are listed for all to see, each with specifics as to the vehicle’s reach, range and lift capabilities. The descriptions are comprehensive and include suggested uses for every machine they have available for hire.

By way of example, UK Forks have a rigid based telehandler designed with building construction in mind. This beast has a 20m range and an incredible 1500kgs load capacity.

At the other end of the scale, you can hire their smallest telehandler (6m range) for those less industrial, more modest, lifts.

One other useful, and complimentary, vehicle available for hire is a straight mast forklift. This is built in the style of the original forklift but with ‘industrial intent’. This piece of kit is a four-wheel drive workhorse, with an incredible load capacity of 2600kgs.

In conclusion

Head towards a specialised company to ensure that you hire the safest most efficient telehandler for your particular job. A company with a good track record, a helpful attitude and a fleet of well looked after vehicles.

A company that’s well established and well respected; a company such as UK Forks!

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