Get the Right Trailer for the Right Job

Sometimes you need to move things from one place to another. There are a lot of different kinds of trailers on the market today and you should know that it’s smarter to use a trailer designed to move a specific type of object whether it’s merchandise, vehicles, or even animals. If you’re involved in a business that requires you to move things, you should know how to get the right trailer for the right job.

Moving Cars and Motorcycles

There are trailers designed specifically for cars and motorcycles. Perhaps you’re in the business of buying old cars and fixing them up to turn a profit. Well, you’re going to need to move those used cars from their previous owners’ houses and into your garage. A regular trailer won’t work for cars because cars are heavy and need to be secured during transit. You don’t want to get an enclosed trailer because not all cars are the same dimensions and you want to make sure that nearly any type of car can fit on your trailer.

Try an open-air car trailer with a tilt deck. The tilt deck will allow you to drive the car onto the trailer so you can fasten it to the trailer securely. But what should you do if you’re in the business of purchasing broken vehicles that can’t run properly? Well, you should get a car trailer with a winch so you can pull the car up the tilt deck and onto the bed.

Now, you won’t want to use a car trailer to transport motorcycles. Motorcycles are much smaller but they also require special fastening since they cannot stand up on their own. For moving motorcycles, you’re going to need a special motorcycle trailer. These trailers are small and easy to use and most vehicles can tow them. There are trailers designed for single motorcycles and trailers designed for two motorcycles so be sure to explore all of your options before making a purchase of a motorcycle trailer.

Moving Livestock

You might be in the livestock business but you haven’t had a reason to move your animals from your property to another place yet. Moving animals is always tough because you need to make sure that the animals are safe and secure while you drive them from place to place. For livestock, you’re going to need a livestock trailer. A flatbed trailer won’t work for animals because you can’t really fasten the animals in place. There’s too much of a risk that they’ll escape from their restraints and fall out of the trailer.

Livestock trailers house the animals to prevent them from escaping but are ventilated so that the animals have a comfortable, cool place to stand while you move them from place to place. There are different livestock trailers for different types of animals so be sure you check out the dimensions of any trailer before purchasing it. If you’re moving pigs or sheep, you can get a sheep trailer, but if you’re moving larger animals such as cows or horses, you’re going to need a taller horse trailer.

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