Going Mobile, Furniture Retailers Push for a Mobile Sales Solution

We’ve witnessed how technology has and continues to change the customers experience. It has not only changed where they shop, but also how they shop. Furniture retailers are beginning to push for a mobile sales solution in an effort to keep up with the curve.

Florida-based City Furniture is transforming their customer’s experience and service by providing their associates with a new tool for a more efficient sales strategy by incorporating OS apps on iPad Pros. This allows associates to have real-time access to more than 8,000 SKUs complete with images, product information, colors, styles and unique customers profiles – all at their fingertips.

With a goal to re-invent the way the shopping experience takes place, City Furniture – in collaboration with IBM and Apple developers – custom built three apps: Sales Assist, Payments and Finance. The Sales Assist app helps associates better serve customers’ needs, while the Finance appenables customers to apply for traditional retail financing.

The Payment app offers preferences at checkout the customer can choose from (“pay now”, “pay later” or “lease to own”). Even more convenient, the sales associate can complete the transaction via the iPad there and then, using cash, credit or check. So far, this three-app technology effort is cutting customer shopping time by half. It has also boosted the average purchase order per customer by 5 percent.

According to the retail store, the apps are creating a one-of-a-kind experience for its customers. Typically, customers walk into a store and search and wander. Many leave without finding what they were looking for. Sales Assist arms associates with the ability to quickly provide customers a deeper look at all their potential options – options that are within their price range.

“Many customers can’t walk a very large showroom and sometimes forget what they were initially interested in. This [the app system] is a tool that helps avoid those scenarios” says Britney West, Assistant Manager.

In addition to boosting sales and cutting shopping time, the apps have increased the average in home warranty service sales by more than 18 percent. It has also increased the average stain protection service purchases by over 17 percent. Overall, it has greatly simplified the purchasing process.

Are you seeking ways to improve your customer’s experience? It isn’t always easy to find a provider willing to work with the retail industry. The unfortunate reality is that banks and other traditional providers shy away from offering services to businesses that are cash intensive, which includes most retail industries.

Thankfully, your business can still find safe payment processing solutions with alternative providers like First American Merchant. FAM is even willing to offer Furniture Consumer Financing regardless of bad credit. Make sure your business is taking advantage of every opportunity and tool at its disposal.

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