Hire Customised Telephone Answering Services for Your Business Needs

Most businesses have certain times of the year when they are busier than normal. Depending on the industry, you may be busier during the warm weather months if you have an outdoor business such as landscaping or construction or you could be busier in the winter if you have a business centred around the winter holidays such as a Christmas tree farm. This could mean that you may need additional help during those weeks and months to answer the telephones.

Hiring Temporary Help

It can be difficult finding people who only want to work a few weeks during your busy season as most people searching for a job want something permanent. Depending on when your busy season is, you may find students or retired people willing to work for just a few weeks to make money for the holidays or for school. However, they may not be reliable since they know it is a temporary position.

By contracting with a telephone answering service, you can hire the temporary assistance needed to answer your telephone calls, send out information packets, or take messages from customers and send them to the appropriate people. Even if the service only takes overflow calls for your company, they can help make sure that your business isn’t missing important messages.

New Campaign Launches

Along with seasonal upswings in business, you may need a service for overflow telephone answering when your company launches advertising campaigns to introduce a new product or offers sales on certain items. These campaigns usually generate interest right away and a telephone answering service can be prepared to receive overflow calls from your company and handle them professionally. They can redirect telephone calls to the sales department or certain staff members, take and prioritise messages, or send catalogues or information upon request.

Holiday Cover

Other reasons that your staff may be too busy to handle all the calls coming into your business are people being out sick, on maternity leave, or on holiday. When there are staff shortages, telephone calls can easily go unanswered, which can result in losing sales. Instead of allowing voicemail to pick up telephone calls, especially for those who may be out of the office for several weeks, hiring an answering service to take overflow calls or cover employee absences can ensure that everything is appropriately handled.

Trained and Ready

Telephone answering services have professional staff experienced in handling business telephone calls. They are trained to be professional, their training is customised for your business, and they will be ready as soon as you need them. Although you can contract a service to work with on a continual basis, you can also hire them for short projects just to ensure that no calls go unanswered. Customising the service for your business allows you to order additional staff as needed or discontinue the service when everything is back to normal.

When you need additional help with handling business telephone calls, contact an answering service to contract their skilled personnel to handle overflow calls for your business as needed.


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