How Can You Ensure That Office Refurbishments Don’t Disrupt Your Employees?

Refurbishing an office is something that most business owners will have to think about at some point. This is something that you don’t want to cause a disruption for your employees and they need to be able to work efficiently whilst the work is being carried out. This requires some careful planning so you need to make sure that every solution has been thought through before the work begins.

How can you ensure that the office refurbishment will not have a damaging impact on the performance of your employees?

Request That The Work Is Carried Out In The Evening

When your employees are working from 9 am to 5 pm, they won’t want to be distracted by the sound of drilling, sawing and hammering throughout the day. This could have a negative impact on their ability to concentrate. You should find office refurbishment companies in London which are prepared to do their work in the evening after all of your staff members have gone home. Then you will be making sure that there are no distractions when people are trying to get important tasks completed without any delays.

The office refurbishment company will be able to send their workers after the shift and they can be assisted by you or by a security guard. This means that if they encounter any problems they will be able to ask for help quickly without being left to their own devices.

Request That The Work Is Carried Out Over The Weekend

When you are running your own office, you need to be prepared to give up your free time when there are refurbishments going on. You might be able to request that the office fit out company can complete their work on the weekends when the premises are closed for the employees. You will need to be on hand or have your phone near you when this work is going on. Then the renovation company can contact you to talk about any particular issues that they are having.

Then the employees will be able to come in on Monday morning and see that the office has been completely transformed. They will be extremely happy that they did not have to deal with any distractions whilst they were working.

You Can Buy Your Employees Some Earplugs

Sometimes the work that is being carried out can distract employees. You need to think of different ways that you can reduce the noise which is happening. One of the simplest solutions is if you buy your employees some earplugs so that the noise is drastically reduced. These earplugs will not be very expensive for you to buy and will allow the refurbishment company to do their work.

The employees will be able to communicate with each other and the managers via instant messaging and email. You will be able to run the office efficiently with this system of communication.

You need to take your employees into consideration when you are having the office refitted.

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