How to Ensure you Hire the Right People

If you are a business owner, you will already be aware how easy it is to hire someone, only to find out at a later date, that they do not match up the image they so cleverly portrayed at the interview. The truth may have been bent a little, and in their eagerness to land the job, certain details about their history have been conveniently omitted, and the end result is not agreeable to either the employer or the employee.

Background Checks

It is very important to carry out certain checks when thinking of hiring a new staff member, and there are discreet, online agencies that can undertake this on your behalf. If you require DBS checking services, a simple online search will direct you to a registered agency that can carry out a number of checks, and with a tailored package, you only pay for what you require and nothing more.

High Level of Trust

If the position you are seeking to fill is one that involves a high level of trust, such as a teacher, or perhaps working with the elderly, then you can contact a registered agency who can carry out an in depth check, which covers many areas of a person’s history. The first thing to check is whether the person in question has ever been convicted of any crime, or if they have any warrants outstanding, and by looking into other areas, it is possible to say, with a high degree of certainty, whether the candidate is in fact, suitable for the position.

Pre-Employment Check

Due to the desire to land the job, sometimes an applicant will bend the truth to make them look more attractive in the eyes of a potential employer, and while this type of person might be in the majority, it is better to be safe than sorry. If you approach an online agency that is registered with the UK government, they can check on your behalf, to verify many things that the applicant has stated in their job application. It is important to verify certain information, especially if the job involves accessing sensitive data or a high level of responsibility, and with a discreet online check, you will soon have the information you need, and can make an informed decision about whether to hire the person or not.

Check Details

A pre-employment check would typically cover the following areas:

  • Background Check
  • Criminal Record Check
  • A Full report on previous employment
  • Qualifications check
  • Integrity check

One can tailor the service to include international people if required, when the agency would liaise with other countries and search their large database, and with so much at stake, it makes perfect sense to verify what you can before making a hiring decision.

This service is only available to registered employers, and if you are thinking of hiring a person, irrespective of the position, you should first make sure that the person is of good character has does not have a criminal record.

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