Moving Your Business – Are You Making the Right Decisions

Moving a business from one location to another entails a lot of decision making and it’s essential to make sure the decisions you make are indeed the right ones for your business and your employees. While many aspects of relocating to a new office space entail using your common sense, many others entail a great deal of research and decision making, including choosing the right location to move to and the right business moving team to help you get there.

In this article, we look at moving to a new office space and the decisions that need to be made to get there with minimal fuss and bother. Here are a few tips to help you make the right decisions.

Hire the Right Moving Team

The right support for your upcoming office relocation is of the utmost importance as having the right people to help you relocate can make a world of difference to the outcome. When looking for a business relocation company that offers cost-effective commercial storage in Berkshire, be sure to look for the following qualities that a good team will surely possess.

  • Experience with commercial relocations
  • A suitable fleet of vans and trucks
  • Insurance and cost-effective rates
  • A complete range of services

Depending on where you currently operate from and where you’re relocating to, you’ll generally find that you have many companies that provide relocation services to choose from, however, you must ensure they have experience delivering commercial relocations on time and on budget for clients.

Choose the Right Office Space

It can take some time to source the right office space, so be sure to allow yourself plenty of time to get a good understanding of what’s on offer and what your organisation needs from its workplace.

As there’s quite a lot of research involved here, you may find that it’s advisable to create a team that will dedicate an hour or two of their working day to finding the perfect office space in the area in which you’re looking and making other arrangements. In addition to the workspace, you may find that you also need to arrange:

  • New utilities providers
  • New internet provider
  • New suppliers

Those are several of many things that need to be taken care of in readiness for your arrival at your new office space, so there’s a lot to be said for allocating a dedicated team for these and other tasks.

Planning Effectively for the Move

As there’s a lot of planning involved when moving to a new office space, in addition to creating a team to take care of all the work involved, it can’t be stressed enough just how important it is to leave yourself ample time to plan the move. If you have a deadline to move out of your current office space, you will need least six months to plan the move and make arrangements – that’s the right decision to make.

Have you been making the right decisions about your office relocation? Follow these tips to make the right decisions about your move.

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