As a business owner, it’s desired that all sections of the work place are running at an efficient pace. This statement couldn’t be truer when it comes to your office printer.

The Samsung CLP-680DW A4 Colour Laser Printer is an extensive model that can tackle the toughest printing jobs, in no time at all.

Samsung products are renowned for their security features, such as Confidential Print, their simplicity to use and their high-quality printing, so if these features sound relevant to your business, theCLP-680DW could be the perfect fit for your office.

Highly desired in businesses, Samsung are deemed one of the biggest manufacturers in the print industry due to the quality produced at affordable prices.

To find out more about the Samsung CLP-680DW A4 Colour Laser Printer, read on to discover how this model can revitalise printing in your business:

High-speed printing

If you’re after fast-paced printing speeds, CLP-680DW features a CPU, known to many as a central processing unit, and gigabit network support.

These features help deliver super high-speed printing, which will allow your business to reap the rewards of enhanced productivity in the office.

With gigabit network support, all transfer times will be minimised, and you can send files to your device at an enhanced speed of 1000 megabytes per second.

The CLP-680DW is also compatible with high yield toner cartridges, allowing users to benefit from long lasting consumables that’ll save your business both time and money.

An expansive model

When you’re choosing a new printer model, you want to purchase one that has plenty of beneficial features that’ll enhance printing in your office.

This Samsung colour laser printer is as expansive as they come, with a feature that allows a second paper cassette feeder to be added to it, allowing you to accommodate as many as three different media types.

With this addition, your printer can handle high-volume print jobs in an efficient and fast manner. One additional tray can hold up to 520 sheets of printer paper, limiting change overs and saving time.

Ergonomic design

Another feature included on the Samsung CLP-680DW is a risk reducing anti-jam roller.

This feature is ideal when you want to save time on fixing paper jams.

With an anti-jam roller, you can benefit from fewer mis-feeds to your printer and being able to carry heavier paper types such as card.

As with any Samsung a4 printer, this model meets industry standard requirements and continues to develop security features that allow them to abide by these requirements.

Top quality printing

For those of you in an industry where clear, crisp printing is a must, with this Samsung colour laser printer, you’re guaranteed a high-quality printing experience.

This A4 colour laser printer provides consumers with unique ReCP (Rendering Engine for Clean Page) technology.

This improves the vibrancy and overall quality of your colour prints, increasing the sharpness of all graphics and text in a print-out.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a new office printer, what are you waiting for? Choosing this Samsung colour laser printer equates to real value for money when it comes to quality and high-speed printing.

With enhanced productivity, superb security and simple printing, there are plenty of reasons to choose this Samsung A4 printer, for your business’ printing solution.

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