Why I’m delighted I chose a local SEO company in Cheshire

I’m a blogger and content creator, but realised I needed more traffic, visitors and readers to my blog. I’d read about Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and even saw some really cheap, competitive rates for SEO work on sites like Fiverr and Upwork, so I nearly – very nearly – hired them. But I didn’t, I chose a local SEO company in Cheshire – despite by friends warning me it would cost more – and I’m delighted that I did do. Here’s why.

I feel more reassured

At the end of day, whether you’re a blogger, businessman or entrepreneur, it’s true that “you can’t put a price on peace of mind”.

Before I chose a local SEO company in Cheshire, I’d enquired with remote SEO companies (often in India, Philippines and other distant countries) that advertise on freelance and ‘gig economy’ websites.

In honesty, I found the level of professionalism and service wildly inconsistent and erratic. Whilst there were a few communicative, professional and helpful providers, the majority always made me a little concerned whether I would be receiving a unique service.

Some of these remote SEO companies either seemed too ‘small-time’, or didn’t really pay much attention to my requirements, or just seemed to be providing a ‘one size fits all’ service to everyone rather than matching a customer’s specific needs.

When I chose a local SEO company in Cheshire, they listened to me, offered a proposal that matched my requirements, and delivered far in excess of my expectations (which were quite high to start with!)

I can communicate easier

Whilst some of the remote SEO companies communicated in English, many also had struggles – either with terminology, explanations or comprehension. I understand that English may not be the native language of some remote SEO provides, but we’re reliant on communication to ensure our needs are met aren’t we?

I just found that when I chose a local SEO in Cheshire, I only needed to communicate once and they was no ‘email tennis’ as there was with remote SEO providers. I couldn’t afford any mistakes or miscommunications, and I didn’t have anything ‘lost in translation’.

It’s far better value

My friends that proposed I should use a remote SEO company always were focussed on cost – and it’s true, there can be some amazingly low prices to be had when using a remote SEO company. Now maybe this is down to differences in economies, markets and currencies but from what I’ve seen with local SEO companies, there can still be lots of value.

Like any blogger, I’m on a strict (read – LOW) budget and whilst it’s tempting to go for the lowest price, once I chose a local SEO company in Cheshire I was amazed that the final prices were not much different than the remote SEO providers offered.

However, I received far more value – less hassle, no communication issues, no time delay, quicker issue resolution etc. – that I honestly don’t think I would have if I chose a remote SEO company.

My local SEO company in Cheshire know my market

As they say in blogging, “the riches are in the niches” – so how on Earth could a remote SEO company in India optimise by content and appearance on Google better than a local SEO company in Cheshire?

By using a local SEO company, my SERPS and traffic were focussed more effectively on local keywords, places and companies far better than I feel an international SEO company would do.

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