Why You Should Invest in Real Estate in Cape Verde

Cape Verde, which is an independent island country, is located off the northwestern African coast. Praia, the capital, is located on Cape Verde’s largest island, Santiago. Also known as Cabo Verde, the country offers investors is a stunning place in which to own real estate. Not only does the country represent an interesting blend of terrain, it is also known for its windswept vistas and hiking trails. Visitors and residents alike enjoy diversity in the form of beaches, mountains, and quiet villages.

Real Estate

A Real Estate Investment Package That You Cannot Ignore

Known for its morabeza (hospitality), the island is also hospitable to anyone wishing to own luxury real estate. In fact the real estate returns in this part of the world are quite significant. Given that Cape Verde is a hotbed of tourism, now is the time to invest in a property. This particular real estate stronghold offers a long-term guaranteed return for newcomers to the real estate field. Investors are offered an incentive of 12% whilst developments are being built, and a 7% yield for rentals when properties are opened. A five-year resale plan is also included in the investment package.

An Excellent Yield Overall

To review the programme once more then, you are paid a 12% guaranteed return during construction, or up until completion, and are also guaranteed a 7% net yield for the package’s rental programme. Again, this investment opportunity offers a five-year resale alternative. Therefore, after investment is made, the property will be marketed.

A Superb Opportunity

This type of investment package is marked as a 12/7/5 type of option, and is very popular with investors as it assure returns and also offers an exit strategy. So, if you elect to direct your energies toward investing in a luxury resort in Cape Verde, you are making a good decision. You really cannot find this type of opportunity in too many places in the world. Anytime that real estate is featured in a tourist-friendly locale, it offers a superb opportunity for the new or experienced investor.

Some of the Amenities

Properties that are featured for investors in Cape Verde are beachfront luxury resorts that are located next to white sand beaches and just minutes from main thoroughfares and towns. Resorts are suited to all sorts of luxury travellers, and therefore offer a number of accommodation styles. Properties that are featured include elegant suites, villas, and stylish studios. In addition, freshwater resort pools are available inside and outside of resort facilities.

Resorts are located near palm-lined boulevards that offer entertainment in the form of retail stores, bars, and restaurants. In addition, patrons can take advantage of both a la carte dining and buffet style eating. Champagne bars are featured, as well as shows, all of which are showcased in an arena with a large seating capacity. With these types of amenities, you will no doubt realise your real estate investment goals.

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