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Flying Spy For Your Household And Workplace

Now a days everybody wants to give attention in their household and workplace activity. So it is essential to keep an eye of every movement.

There are many products available for that purpose and full of endurable and high-cost product. It is the very common problem with that product like hard to handle, no picture clarity etc.

Skytech TK110HW is undoubted a fly spy RD quadcopter camera. Included camera with it of 0.3 MP and Video resolution about 720 P. It has a chargeable battery. It takes surrounding picture and videos with good picture quality. Give the information of every corner of workplace and household. Easy to handle for the beginner. Less expensive with effective features. It has Wi-Fi connectivity makes it most precious with delivered the snaps to cellphone via Wi-Fi with amazing sensor system contacted with the cellphone.

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Bag pocket-friendly: – When comes to the carry problem Skytech TK110HW has foldable arms. Dimension is 36.20 x 36.20 x 8.50 cm with lightweight 0.3900 kg. Point to point rotation of this RD quadcopter gives the direction to this device.

How it works:- It has ON button in Skytech TK110HW which connect with remote It works as a G sensor to follow the movement of the cellphone which is connected via wi-fi. Skytech TK110HW hold a camera and video recorder. Drone has controlled with the remote controller. It can take a picture and make the video clip of the movement of every person and corner of workplace and household.

Now a days every RD quadcopter fixed the camera in it but Skytech TK110HW can make a good quality clip and store it. Security is must in every field of life and is so tremendous to make a video clip for security purpose.

Features of Skytech TK110HW:- This RC Quadcopter has 3D rollover. With the air precious barometer it controls the height of fly. Eye catchy camera for takes a picture of forward and backward, Gravity sense control that controls the high and down the balance. Skytech TK110HW has hand launching feature. It handled with some keys button for return, landing, take off, turns off, right up, right down, with waypoint line it can handle all corner picture with your desired direction. LED light is the added feature useful in the night. Skytech TK110HW has included a battery which is 3.7V 850mAh with USB charger cable. Charging option has given in quadcopter. It takes 110 minutes for charging. It gives 6-7 minute fly. It is recommended that keep separate storage for fly it. Package has included 1 Quadcopter, 1 transmitter, 1 USB charging cable, 1 screwdriver, 4 spare propeller Guard, 1 mobile holder, 4 screws for propeller guard.

SUMMARY: – All in all Skytech TK110HW is a less expensive, easy to handle RD quadcopter. Good picture capture and video recorder that may use for future reference. This keeps Skytech app that is very creative and high recommended app for fly function.

Skytech TK110HW has tremendous results and easy to handle features.