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10 things to keep in mind before creating a brand

creating a brand

Creating a brand is not less than cultivating for art. A brand communicates its idea and goals to its people with the help of its slogan, which is beautifully designed. You might have heard about brand loyalty, brand equity, and brand management but know very little about it.so what is it? A brand is a name, a team, a symbol and a concept that makes it different from others. The brand also shows the imagination of one’s goods or services. Branding and labeling came from ancient history when people used this technique to avoid crimes related to livestock. There are many famous brands around the world which are distinguished based on genre. A brand can be understood as the synonym of the word “Trademark”.

The key components that a brand’s pack includes are:

  • Logos
  • Slogans, statements or taglines
  • Trademarks
  • Brochures and flyers
  • Social media marketing

In this era full of competitions among businesses, many different companies are working on creating and promoting brands. It assists people to come forward and become an entrepreneur. A famous company related to this work is Liquid Creativity which is a brand agency in Melbourne. Its motive is to create powerful new brands and refresh existing brands by giving them a new life. On the other hand, your priority should be customers. For that, building long term and peaceful relationships with the customers.so here are 10 simple ways you should keep in mind before creating a brand:

Aspiration and concept

Thinking differently is the main aspect of creating something new. For example, Apple promises to make something unique and valuable on their every launching product. Always start with your goals and concept, that is what people are attracted to and can boost your production and sales. The first brainstorm, on all possible ideas you might consider. The next step is to finally decide the ideas which are decent and interactive. The final step if to test your ideas on different mediums and situations to get a clear idea of it.

Market Niche

A market niche is also known as market need. Creating the same brand products that are already available in the market can cut down your sales.to avoid this, identify the need in the marketplace and design a brand product according to it, so it may make people’s life easier. Your brand product should not resemble the same trendy product made nowadays; otherwise, there would be no difference. You should always strive towards innovative aspects.


The main thing to worry about is the competitors in the marketplace. The rivalry is what enforces you to perform better and work hard than others. Market penetration is one of the formulas to create a space in the market by selling at less price to attract your customers. To build recognition in the market, you need to build plans and strategies accordingly to maintain customer relationships. Also, when there are more risks of competitors, gaining customer loyalty is the main focus. For example, fast food restaurants that are competitors of each other are McDonalds and burger king as well as coco-cola and Pepsi.

Profit and sales

When planning for a new brand, always remember to calculate the finances. You can make a rough sketch at first and examine all the main details afterwards. Finances can include investment, sales, and profits. Creating a bar chart or sales spreadsheet can help analyze the growth and downfall.

Target Audience

Your brand is your reputation, so you should first decide what kind of audience your brand is going to target. Always, try to create value and respect amongst all. Some kinds of target audiences can be moms, young’s, adult toddlers when it comes to the age group. Your target audience can also differ in terms of, religion, cast culture and mindset generate brands according to that concept.

Buyer’s personality

Everybody is unlike in terms of personality. knowing what your customer or buyer wants is one of the hardest tasks. Your buyer relies on the brand you created.so to gain buyer’s loyalty, and you need to know their personality. A buyer’s personality can be:

  • Age
  • Gender
  • Education
  • Experience
  • Income
  • Location
  • Motivation

Certain age groups people are influenced by things that make them feel alive. misogyny and feminism are really common when it comes to gender. Education, income, and experience define a well mature man. Motivation and influence are what anybody can learn from other people.

What makes it different from others?

Your uniqueness is the key to success. creating different products and strategies can be helpful to uplift your brand amongst all. Even if you sell the same product as the other brand does, adding some point of differentiation can always benefit you. Your statement or slogan is one of the ways through which you can express your idea.so try making a statement about your brand that speaks for itself. Also, generate a company name and its brand story to create a common ground for the buyers.

Why should anyone buy?

Your price and quality should be reasonable enough for your target audience to afford it. Maintaining your customers can be achieved through fulfilling their expectations and promises

Marketing mix

The simplest marketing mix contains the following elements:

  • Product
  • Price
  • Place
  • Promotion

By keeping given these 4 important categories, you have to launch your brand. If any of these 4 tends to lack, your brand might have to face failure. Make sure to create your logo and banners beforehand to promote your unique concept. Typography, research, color selection, and decency are also considered as fundamental when it comes to designing a brand and its components. Know about the product, decide its price, the place where you will build the outlet. Then comes the promotions for which you will need social media platforms.

Break the scale

when creating a brand, you should always be preparing for consequences or outcomes that might happen. Try to minimize loss as much as you cannot take experience and time for a brand to stand out in public. The sales might break the scale or bring it down the ladder.


Brands are an essential part of our lives, hence creating a brand according to the market niche is the main challenge. Creating a brand is not an easy task and can cost a lot of time and imagination. Hats the reason, our market place has a plethora of brands, but only a few of them are succeeded enough to be famous.

Nowadays, a brand defines a person’s personality, lifestyle, and attributes. therefore, it is necessary to understand its importance and value and shape according to it.