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5 Reasons Why Out Of Home Advertising Is The Most Effective


When we think of outdoor advertising, we generally think about billboards along the roadside or in our football stadiums. We see them every day and after a while they seem quite normal. However, outdoor advertising comes in other forms and they are all around us, everyday and everywhere we go. You don’t feel like you notice them but you do, and you are influenced by them. Take a look at the bus stop the next time you get a bus, or have a look around you when inside a public telephone box.

Out of home advertising is what it says it is. It is an advertisement that you see when you are not in your home. Increasingly, we are spending more time outside and so the advertisers what to get our attentions out there also. There are a number of benefits of this kind of advertising and we look at just some of them here.

  1. High Impact – When you are in your home, you can control the amount of advertising that comes into your life. You can just switch off the computer, TV, mobile phone or radio and ignore all of them. Outdoor advertising on the other hand, is around you everywhere and there is just no escaping it. It really is regarded as high impact advertising and rightly so. If your company chooses this kind of advertising, then it lasts longer and it is more effective.
  2. It Catches People’s Attention – Outdoor advertising doesn’t have to be in competition with other companies ads like on the TV, because they generally are stand alone ads. They are generally quite big and you will see them on the sides of buildings or over motorway bridges. This makes them easy to read whether you are near or far and they are generally colourful and creative in order to catch your eye.
  3. Cost Effective – Recent studies suggest that outdoor advertising provides a much better return for your investment, when compared to other forms of advertising. It was also found that the more you spent on outdoor advertising, the more profitable it became for your business. It is a very safe form of advertising.
  4. Bigger Audience – Because the advertisements are outside, they reach a much bigger audience and it provides a way to influence prospective customers that you wouldn’t have had otherwise. People are busy now and may not have time to watch television or listen to the radio, but they are always out and about and this is how outdoor advertising connects with them.
  5. Greater Impact – Before shoppers make a decision to buy, the advertisement that they last see is likely to be an outdoor advertisement. This type of advertising has got great reach and it is actually preferred as the mode of advertising for the majority of people. When asked, consumers pointed out that they would rather see a bus with an advertisement, than one without. Now that’s advertising working effectively.

Outdoor advertising offers something different and new and it is a great way for companies to reach their end user. Look into outdoor advertising and see how your company can benefit.