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A Guide to Setting Up an Office


If you are launching your own business, you will need a base from which to run things, and setting up an office is an essential part of creating a business platform. Of course, your budget will be limited, what with so many expenses, and rather than visiting a store for your office needs, there are great value stationery supplies in Ashstead that can be ordered online, and with free delivery, you really can’t go wrong.

Start with the Basics

You will need at least the following:

  • Desk
  • Office chairs
  • Filing cabinet
  • Desktop PC
  • Peripherals – Scanner, copier, printer.

Stationery Design

There’s nothing like the personal touch, so you should design your very own company logo, and letterhead, which can be used to print your letterhead paper. A good colour printer is all you need to do this, and if you buy some quality stationery from an online supplier, you can add your logo and information.


You will need an Internet connection, and by using VoIP protocol, you can keep your telephone bills to a bare minimum. Taking advantage of the latest technology will certainly save you some money, and if you also put your accounting on the cloud, this will make your bookkeeping much easier.

Online Office Supplies

Once you have drawn up a list of essential office items, there are online suppliers who will deliver to your door, and they very often deliver on the same day the order is placed. Dealing with such a company will save you both time and money.