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After Home Closing, Which Documents Should Be Kept?


When a person buys a home using loans such as VA loans Houston, they sign a huge number of documents. These are documents that will surely fill your cupboards and every nook and cranny in your house. So most of us might have the same question when you finally closed a deal on your future home. What are the essential documents I should keep and what are OK to throw away? Well, we have compiled a few things for you to note here are some of the papers that you should keep after closing on your home.

While it is true that some documents included in the closing documents number to almost a hundred pages. It is still the best choice for you actually to keep all of them for safe keeping.

Why? Because every one of those pages might serve an integral role in your rights to the house. Holding a copy of all the documents and taking the ones with signatures from both parties as the most important files you should have.

If you plan on selling the house after a couple of years, then it might be best to keep those documents in mint condition, making sure that you should not lose a single file no matter what, however, if you decide to keep the house. Identifying it as the house, you will grow old in. Then you can take it a little bit easier.

You can trim the documents in your file by ensuring that the Purchase Agreement, Addendums, Amendments or Riders, Request for Repairs, Seller Disclosures, Escrow Instructions, and Home inspection documents are maintained in cool, mint, and clear state. Here is a short list of why you should look out for these documents the most.

Home Inspection

It is a summary of a home inspector’s findings. Although this might be different compared to when you sell it in the future. It might still prove useful for the present home inspector as well as the aspiring home buyers. Since it informs them of the previous state, the house was in before you came allowing for a quick and easy comparison reference.

Escrow (If there are any)

It is a document which allows an Escrow to stand as a proxy for the owner in cases where they are not available. It also contains terms and conditions of the agreement between buyers and sellers.

Seller Disclosures

This document/s contain material facts, and written warranties, guarantees as well as disclosures that the current house seller provides along with the house. It might be useful when the seller does not live up to its promise of fixing up the creek on the porch.

Request for Repair

Any kind of agreement contracts to repair items. Addendums to the purchase agreements as well as particular work to be completed before the house is completely turned over to you.

Purchase Agreement

Your contract to buy the home. This is the documents that all the parties should sign before it is finalized. And it is the most critical file in owning a house. Without this, your rights to the house might be put into question.