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An Introduction to Pallet Trucks


f your business requires material handling equipment then Pallet Trucks could be the most cost-effective solution for your business. An introduction to the business of pallet trucks should help you determine whether it is worthwhile for your business to invest. There is an extensive choice of Pallet Trucks based on the materials you handle, the quantity you handle and also the price you want to pay, therefore careful consideration is advised.

Pallet trucks are an economically priced alternative to forklifts and also require less space to use. Training for pallet trucks is also less costly than Forklift training and pallet trucks are an excellent investment for your business but also a great investment for employees. Lifting and handling aids such as pallet trucks can help keep staff healthy and safe at work.

In broad terms there are: pallet trucks, stackers, moving skates, table trucks, sack trucks and forklift fork extensions available from most pallet truck suppliers. Each of these variants then offers copious models specialising in meeting differing needs. Ensure that you have an honest and lengthy conversation with your chosen supplier to determine which variant of truck you require.

You must manage the use of hand pallet trucks within your company by implementing health and safety training.

Choosing the right pallet truck supplier can be a difficult process with this market being rather saturated, look out for high profile companies who have used the supplier for their own pallet truck needs. Suppliers with prestigious clientele will often have the logos/names of these clients on their website. Do your research, social media such as Facebook and Twitter are excellent ways to read honest reviews of a company and their products. Compare prices and reviews to ensure value for money and quality of the goods.

Be sure to research the delivery costs and promises offered by potential pallet truck suppliers, as delivery costs can dramatically effect the overall cost of your order. If you are based in the UK it will be more profitable to choose a supplier in the UK, reducing excessive delivery prices.