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Best tips to help you stay far away from pests this summer


Summer is here and we’re so sure you’re worried about the ants, cockroaches, lizards, mosquitoes, and spiders that often make way to your place during this season. Keeping bugs and crickets far away from your home may not be the easiest thing to do but we have some easy and quick to follow tips that can work. Continue reading to know more.

  1. Stop them from entering your place

The first thing to do is to block them from entering your home. Pests are always increasing in numbers during summer and preventing their entry can make things a lot easier for you. Check all the screens so that there are no holes and if there are some, you can repair them. Check around the windows and doors for gaps so that there’s no stripping at all.

  1. Make sure your kitchen is fully clean

Having a whole lot of crumbs on the counter means leaving more space and opportunity for insects, ants, and various other pests to enter. You can avoid this from occurring by simply cleaning your kitchen daily and regularly. Make sure your counters are wiped, the floors have been swept and the food has been kept mostly in the fridge instead of letting it rot outside. Also, clean the trash daily.

  1. Make sure there is no standing water

Third, make sure to remove all the standing water in order to control mosquitoes from entering. Standing water is generally a breeding area for pests and mosquitoes. People often tend to miss the water area so make sure that you are checking properly daily. Always make sure there are no leaks and clean the air conditioner often. Don’t let water stay in containers out in the open for a longer time. However, if you find the following tips like these really difficult, you can check out the pest control company in Boise. They have several facilities that can make pests disappear within minutes.

Keep the yard clean

Keeping the yards and landscapes clean will help prevent overgrowth. This can stop pests from coming to your yard. Make sure to trim bushes, weeds, and trees, remove all debris and yes, remove all the weeds as quickly as possible.

Other Tips That Might Be Useful:

If you liked the post so far, check out these other tips that can benefit you:

  1. Let the outside toys stay outdoors and inside toys stay within. If you want to bring a table, chair or toy from outside, make sure it is wiped and cleaned from before.
  2. Always check the corners and chains of all furniture and swing sets for egg trays, dirty areas where spider webs can form. You can remove them whenever you see them.
  3. Finally, make sure your veggies and fruits don’t ripen on the kitchen counter just like that. You can keep them fresh or store them in the fridge. This will prevent flies from inviting them and spreading all over your place.