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Best VoIP Systems for your Office


Since the invention of telephones, many things have been changed till now. Right after its invention, people got closer as they were before, and the reason was that now they can connect to anyone anywhere in the world in just some seconds. And not just that even there are many different technologies which were introduced regarding phones just to make you’re calling experience more convenient. And one of the recent technology that has been used is VoIP Phones for Business Purposes. As we all know that when we dial a number from your phone via landline then it will place a direct link between caller and receiver. And this call is only possible due to Analog signals which are being sent to the air in the direction of the receiver.

Traditional and VoIP Calling Features

And over there receiver catches those signals from the receiver which then transmits these signals into digital and then to voice. While in the case of VoIP system signals are transmitted in many other forms as well, because now it is not just about the calling feature, but it is much more than that. Instead of continuous analogue signals sending, now these signals are sent in the form of packets or in the form of group. Well due to these continuous packets it might be possible that they do not get received on the other end in the same sequence as they were sent out. And this was the main drawback, as it might be possible that when the message will be received on the other end then it will not be the same as it was sent. Now in order to decrease this drawback, traffic cops were implemented with some set of rules and restrictions. Now when you will make a VoIP call then it will be the duty of this traffic cop to provide a smooth path to the data packets so that they can be received in the same sequence.

Cost of Circuits

And all this process is done by slowing down other traffic so that there is no disturbance created for these data packets. If we reconsider VoIP Phones for Business Purposes then no doubt it will be a lot more beneficial for us, as in the traditional phones, and calling systems there were several circuits required in order to provide you with a smooth call without any interruption. And no doubt those circuits were quite expensive as well, which is not good for any business. As there would be hundreds of different calls going to be made in your office. Now when it comes to VoIP Phones then cost of circuits have been decreased, which means that now a better quality of call could be made at a very less cost. Plus now your calls are not just limited to the voice, now you can make video calls as well due to this VoIP calling. Just with the help of this new technology now your business will expand without any additional needs and cost.

Beneficial for Business Expansion

And that could be done by providing access to your phones to the other extension for the person to the place where you wants to open your next branch. And for that now you need not build another office in a short time period over there. As now you can handle your business to another country or another state by just sitting in your own office. And due to this, you can save many other costs as well. Like if you are on some vacation or some leave, then instead of going to the office you can easily handle all of your business affairs while sitting in your home. So now you can quickly expand your business in the whole world without spending extra costs for building and special hiring. As you can use same staff for those new offices as well. If you are going to start up your business while opening your office in some small town, then no doubt it will be really tough to get the clients from big cities, and this problem is now solved with the help of VoIP Phones for Business. As now you can get into those clients from big markets, and bring your business to extra heights while staying in just that small town.

Grandstream IP Phones Service

And as we all know that Dubai is known to be the Business HUB for all the businessmen in the world. And no doubt running a small business over there is quite a risky step for you, but due to Grandstream IP Phones, this problem is also solved now. Grand Stream is the company which knows the problems of all the businessmen from Dubai very well. And Grandstream IP Phones are no doubt the solution to these problems. All you need to do is to improve the communication inside your offices just so that you could increase the productivity by keeping an eye on all the actions in your office. And not just in Dubai now you are able to stay in contact with other offices in different parts of the world as well. And for that right now Grandstream offers you with their 18 best IP Phone products according to your requirement. Each one has its own features, and no doubt there is for sure one each for a different type of businesses. Some of these products are just limited to the voice calls with many other functions, while there are other Grandstream IP Phones as well which provides you with Built-in Video calling feature to let you communicate with your employees or clients in a better way.

Different Products

In Dubai Grandstream IP Phones and other of its products are really famous, and right now you will find these products in each and every office here. And with their services in at least 150 of other countries as well, now many businessmen prefer to get their services. As there are many complexities in large firms or other multi-national companies regarding the communication systems? So IP PBX system is something which is provided by Grandstream to solve this issue. AS due to this system multiple communication lines are unified in order to obtain simple and smooth communication inside the company. Sometimes it happens that you forget the extension of some of your employees, and this is the common issue faced by many business owners. So there is a product by Grandstream which has solved this problem as well.

Ease of Access

As there is a list of buttons on that device, and you can assign a simple extension number of your employees. And when you need to talk to them then just press the buttons and soon you will be connected to them. And all the Grandstream IP Phones are equipped with High Definition LCDs. The ones which are just limited to the voice calling has the black and white LCD, while the ones for the video calling has the bright High-resolution screens to provide you with the best video calling feature. Now in short if you are in Dubai and you want your business to keep running smoothly then you require services of Grandstream.