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Different Aspects To Consider While Comparing Air Conditioner Prices


Installing a high quality air conditioner in your home is imperative specially for you and your family’s comfort. Other than this, having an air conditioner increases the value of your house if you intend to sell it in the near future. It is crucial to take into account some vital aspects while you are planning on buying an air conditioner unit that will greatly affect your decision.

Most often when it comes to making a major home appliance purchase, people put more emphasis on the aspect of price. But, there are several other aspects that affect the price that requires some serious consideration:


High-end brands such as Samsung, Orient, and LG are anticipated to be quite expensive compared to the lesser known brands. Most of the times, the AC prices of these units are solely based on the company’s reliability and market repute.

Features of an AC Unit

Is the unit half, ¾, 1 or 2 horsepower, what is the type of the unit? Does it come with an automatic or timer shutoff option? Does it have remote control?

Whole House Air-conditioning Unit

If you are buying a complete air conditioning unit for your house, some of the brands throw in freebies that you perhaps want to take into account. This can definitely affect AC prices.

Time When You Want to Buy The Unit

Just like anything else, the price of an AC unit depends on its demand and supply. If you buy an AC unit during fall or winters, you certainly will be getting the unit on half price compared to purchasing it during the peak time when the demand is quite high.

Energy Efficient Models Will Cost More

You perhaps want to consider checking the AC unit you want to purchase so you know if it is energy-efficient or not. In the long run, buying one will surely help you save big. Look out for energy guides that are made available with each unit and read out on how much energy does the unit consumes.


Most of the units come with warranties; some of them are longer and superior quality warranty that ensures utmost customer satisfaction. Opting for one may cost you a bit more but it surely is for your own good. It is anticipated that summers is the time when air conditioner prices go sky-high. If you are considering getting one for your home, make sure you check out the aforementioned aspects that affect the price to a great extent.