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Experienced and Capable Chartered Accounting and Business Advising Services


Whether the financial sector of your business is becoming increasingly complex or you are looking to start a new business entirely, accounting assistance is beneficial across the board, and by taking advantage of these services, you may experience benefits such as greater productivity, better financial organisation, and increased revenue.

Given that each individual business is different in terms of both operations and goals, among other things, accounting is a service commonly tailored to you specifically, and accountants will often adjust their strategies to fit your needs.

What Is a Chartered Accountant?

How does a chartered accountant differ from a regular accountant? Acquiring the title of “accountant” is one thing, but earning the title of “chartered accountant” is another, and the latter typically undergo a more extensive formal training which often takes years and involves a series of examinations in various fields, namely, financial management, business strategy, and taxation, among other things.

Chartered accountants are even further qualified to offer economic advice and financial expertise, applying their knowledge to both business and public practice. If you visit http://bap-international.com/ you will find a team of chartered accountants and international financial professionals.

Traditional Accounting Services

When you hire an accountant, you are hiring someone to check and analyse the financials of your business, and accountants can even help prepare financial statements and strategies as well. As financial experts, your accountants are there to ensure the stability of your business, and these services can wind up saving you time and money, as well as helping you grow as a business.

Most of the time, traditional accounting services come in the following forms:

  • Thorough audits
  • Business valuations
  • Insolvency and business recovery
  • Profitability projections
  • Permits and licenses

Virtually all things financially related can fall under the umbrella of accounting in one way or another.

Incorporating a Company and Trust Services

Accountants are extremely useful when incorporating a company, whether you are a local or international entity. From assisting in legal matters to developing comprehensive business strategies and financial projections, your accountants are with you to develop in-depth solutions while ensuring the lawful formation of your company.

For international and offshore clients, this can mean developing a trust, which is sometimes available through the same company, meaning you can have everything entirely managed by the same people, thus ensuring efficiency and reducing the risk of error. Offshore clients can benefit from funds management, trustee services, executorship and testamentary administration, among other things.

Accounting services can save you both time and money while also removing a huge chunk of worry and helping to ensure that your finances are in order. Utilising these services often results in business growth and increased financial stability and organisation.