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Finding the common reason for losing money at trading

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The majority of the traders quit trading in the initial stage. They can’t understand what they need to as they don’t gather sufficient knowledge. However, many traders think, trading is a complicated task, but it’s not true. If you can invest your time, you may trade easily. Just make sure, you are properly prepared to take the challenges. However, beginners face troubles in the market for various reasons. Sometimes, they can’t take the right steps at the right time. Sometimes, they avoid their plan. Actually, being a retail trader, if you’re not serious about the trading, you can’t do well.

However, in this article, we’ll discuss why beginners face failure in the market. If you read the article with full concentration, you may know the reasons behind your failure. So, read the article properly.


Sometimes, newbies lose their concentration. And so, they can’t know what is going on. Actually, this is seen, because of using social media during the trading hour, traders can’t keep their eyes on market scenarios. For this reason, they miss the opportunity. Bear in mind, to trade precisely, you need to become conscious. Or else, it’s really tough to do well. So, don’t be absent-minded. Always try to keep your concentration on the movement of the market.

Being night owl

Many traders don’t sleep at night. They always try to open new positions so that they can trade properly. But, to perform better, it’s necessary to take asleep. Actually, as a retail trader, you should find out some time to take a rest. Because, if you try to trade always, you will become tired. As a result, you might face trouble. So, you should not be a night owl. Try to take at least sleep for six hours. You don’t have to trade all day long to make living out of trading. Smart traders at Saxo broker Dubai deals with the options market by following a strategic routine. So, start acting like them and it will reduce the stress associated to option trading profession.

Lack of knowledge

Due to lack of knowledge, traders become easily misled by someone. They don’t try to understand whether they are on the right path or not. As a newcomer, you should acquire sufficient knowledge about the market so that you can trade smoothly. Bear in mind, you’ll not get help from everyone. Some people will try to mislead you for their own benefits. That’s why if you want to deal with your problems, you should focus on improving your knowledge. Or else, you may face trouble. And always try to stay away from the noise. Because it will make you puzzled.

Not being responsible

Most of the newcomers don’t want to take responsibility. They think, due to the worst conditions of the market and the flaws of the brokers, they face failure. But, it’s not true. Always remember, if you don’t take your moves properly, you may not get success. So, you should try to become responsible. Once you can take your responsibility, you’ll take your every move consciously. And, bear in mind, you’ve to take your decision by yourself. So, if you make mistakes, ultimately, you’ll face big troubles.

Troublesome emotions

Beginners can’t deal with their emotions properly. Most of the time, they feel fear investing their money. They think, if they invest their money, they might face loss. So, as a retail trader, you should try to reduce your emotions so that you can take the action properly. However, if you want to perform confidently, you’ve to learn how to deal with your emotions. Or else, you can’t avoid the big loss. However, once you can learn to maintain discipline, you might not face the troubles.

So, due to these above problems, traders face a loss. However, being a trader, you should try to remove these problems. Otherwise, you may face a big failure. But, once you can understand the dynamics of the market, you can achieve your goal.