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Have a question about online reputation management? How does it work?


Online reputation is a reflection of the prestige or esteem of a person or brand on the Internet. The conversation concept here takes a special look because with digital environments people talk and contribute their opinions. With the Internet, it is very easy and inexpensive to pour information and opinions through mechanisms such as forums, blogs or social networks. the community management phenomenon that aims -among other things- to update the information, promotions and other information of a brand or company in a reliable way and always from a perspective of creating a link between the user and the brand and not as much as selling and marketing.

However, social networks or other platforms of social media have a double face and is that all users can say to the point that terms such as troll (person who defames another or an institution) or troll (defamation action) begin to take importance more importance than ever since, if the image of a company is clouded, who will want to buy an article in it?Once this is done, it is the trustworthiness of the clients themselves that will get the user to buy in the establishment, be interested in a certain service or acquire a specific brand. In fact, a very clear case of a good online reputation is in the directing bank.

Nothing less than an online bank in which there is no human treatment in between can be a reason for not acquiring a product as important as a bank account for fear that there is poor management of our money or even beyond … a fraud. And yet, none of this has happened, how did this company to create a whole new concept to repair bad reputation?

How does online reputation work?

It works through;

  • Corporate blog: An important way to get a brand to become your best option is to generate content about this and issues related to the sector. In this way, no one can compete in this regard.
  • Presence in social networks if, but without going over. An intelligent management of the promotions in the network will get the company to take its first step: get more fans and followers and, therefore, that the updates of the company appear in the timeline of the potential user and they share. This will inevitably entail the possibility of getting the user to want to know more about the brand and generate conversions from potential clients to customers.
  • Advertising in classic media. The truth is that online reputation alone is not enough. Proof of this is that the big online brands also have their correspondent in the network which is what gives them the possibility of being perceived “a priori”. The company should not be deceived in this regard. The classic media does not guarantee customers but they do provide reliability and allow us to reach audiences that are not present online.