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Health & Safety Training – Online Resources


Health & safety in the workplace has never been more important, and there are online resources to help businesses adopt best practices. Risk assessment is something that every business can benefit from, and many small businesses enrol one staff member to attend specific course, who can then dissipate the knowledge to their colleagues.

Online Solutions

There is experienced health and safety training in Barnsley that is both affordable very and comprehensive, with courses on the following:

  • Safe Moving & Handling
  • Principles of Fire Safety
  • Control of Hazardous Substances

Aside from courses that participants attend at the institution, there are many e-learning courses on offer, and with remote learning, the participants can complete the course at their home or at work, whichever is more convenient.

Remote E-Learning Courses

The following topics are available in E-learning format:

  • Food Safety – Hygiene, food storage and packaging.
  • Care Sector
  • Stewarding & Spectator Safety – Basic crowd control strategies.
  • Fraud & Fraud Protection – Preventative measures.

There are also basic courses in First Aid that can be studied remotely, and by offering your staff the opportunity for further training on a wide range of safety issues, you are doing what you can to improve safety in the workplace.

Improve your Company’s Safety Record

Sending key staff members for health & safety training will improve your company’s safety record, and when the course is over, they can pass on this valuable new knowledge to other staff members, making it a very cost-effective way to teach employees about safety in the workplace.

If you would like to update your employees on key health & safety issues, an online search will help you to locate a nearby learning centre that offers a wide range of courses.