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Hiring a Galveston divorce lawyer? Ask these questions

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If you have decided to file for divorce, the next important step is to look for an attorney. Texas allows for no-fault divorce, so even if your spouse doesn’t want the same, you can still initiate the proceedings. Hiring a lawyer is more of a personal call, but a safe and relevant decision. In Texas, the same attorney cannot represent both spouses. Considering that this could be a turbulent time of your life, it makes sense to work with someone with legal expertise. Before you hire a Galveston divorce lawyer, here are some questions to ask.

1. How much do you charge?

This is probably the biggest question that clients have in mind when meeting a divorce lawyer. When it comes to family law and divorce matters, attorneys cannot work on a contingency fee. Most divorce lawyers charge an hourly rate, which they will mention in advance. Depending on the facts and circumstances surrounding the case, a lawyer may agree to work on a flat rate too. For example, if the divorce is a simple no-fault type, the lawyer may ask for a fixed amount.

2. What am I entitled to?

One of the key reasons why people hire a divorce lawyer is seek their expertise. A good attorney will take the effort to explain how divorces work in Texas and what you can expect in your current situation. A lawyer will keep a tab on what you are entitled to, protecting your rights and interests. Make sure that you are transparent with an attorney about all facts surrounding the impending divorce.

3. What is your experience like? Have you represented clients in court?

All lawyers have the education, but only a handful have relevant experience. As a client, you have the right to ask questions about the work profile and expertise of an attorney. While divorce cases are settled outside of court, there is still a small chance that your divorce may end up in court. You need an attorney, who is available and can handle all sorts of curveballs in the case.

It is also wise to ask about the time required for the divorce. In Texas, there is a cooling-off period of 60 days, and that’s the minimum time you have to wait for getting the divorce order. Also, before you hire a lawyer, do check if they have good reviews online. Insist on meeting the lawyer in person before taking the next step.