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How Does Security System Help in Stopping A Crime Before It Happens


Global threats are increasing every day. A person feels unsafe while commuting from one part of the city to the other while taking a walk on the side of the road or while taking their family for a movie in a multiplex. Terrorist attacks, mass shootings, armed robberies are becoming common events. In such a situation, it is clear that commercial hubs need to adopt certain measures that would help them in keeping their places of business safe for people to visit. One of the best ways to do just that is to equip the place of business with an advanced security camera system.

It is safe to say that mass shootings and large-scale terrorist attacks don’t occur. The events that plague the corporate and commercial world are armed robberies, shoplifting, and the likes. One can take the help of security people to keep their places of business safe but they are, in the end, humans and humans are bound to make mistakes.

What if one takes the help of a smart surveillance system that is backed by an advanced artificial intelligence that learns continuously and can take decisive actions without the assistance of their human controllers? Meet AI backed small business security camera system.

How do they work?

An intelligent security camera system is similar in appearance to a run-of-the-mill CCTV surveillance system. The difference lies in its firmware and overall architecture. The firmware works closely with a proactive AI algorithm that learns as it observes. It might sound like a marketing gimmick but that is not the case here.

The AI takes close note of human behavior using its digital set of eyes. It takes note of anomalies in generic human behavior and if it detects any unusual patterns, it alerts the controllers about the situation. In the first stages, there will be several instances where the guards will be alerted for false anomalies. Once cleared by the human controller, the AI backed surveillance system learns from its mistake and stored the information in its database for future reference – thus learning from its observations.

How one can predefine ‘normal’ human behavior?

When one talks about predefining normal human behavior, it should be kept in mind that it is not predefined using a set of limits but simply using the imagination of the technicians who are writing up the core code of the artificial intelligence. Since the system learns from its mistakes, as mentioned earlier, the same autonomously adds to its database all forms of human behavior and their respective meaning. The acquired knowledge is then used for future reference when the time comes for detailed scrutiny.

How does the system stop a crime before it even takes place?

Simple, by always being on the lookout for aberrant human behavior. One might be wondering what does aberrant human behavior looks like. Well, for instance, it can be someone who is moving in an irregular fashion in a crowded place. It might easily get ignored by human security personnel but an artificial intelligence backed surveillance system will scrutinize the moment it notices this unusual pattern. It will then compare the same with footage it had previously stored in its database. When the results match, the surveillance system will then alert the authorities or the personnel present within the premises so the necessary actions can be taken to subdue the threat.

Intelligent surveillance systems are the future and the best part the future is already here. If you don’t want to lag behind in terms of security in your place of business, it is best that you invest in an intelligent system right away.