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How to Obtain Halal Certification in Singapore


For companies and businesses that want halal certification Singapore, there is a process that they have to go through. While it will take some time, it will be worth it to gain this coveted certification. Here’s how to get a halal certificate in Singapore.

Get Paperwork Together

Before you apply for a halal certificate, you will need to have the necessary paperwork. This may include things like invoices, the items you plan on selling as well as the ingredients in these items. You will also need to detail the practice you use to raise and slaughter animals, if this pertains to the certification. You will need to fill out a detailed application and submit it. You will also need to pay a fee for halal certification. This fee will vary by location and may be submitted with your application.

Be Prepared For an Inspection

Before a certificate is granted, your premises will need to be audited, said Halalxpert, a well-known international halal consultancy & agency. The person conducting the audit will check to make sure that you are practicing halal standards. If they see any issues, they will notify you of them. You will need to rectify any shortcomings before a halal certificate is granted. They will check to see how your animals are being maintained. They want to see them roaming as freely as possible and not being locked in a cage. They will want to know what you are feeding the animals as they will need to eat a vegetarian diet. They will also want to know about your slaughtering process. They will check to make sure that you are saying a prayer before slaughtering an animal, no other animals are present during the slaughter and that you are using a blunt object and cutting the animal’s throat with it. After the animal has been slaughtered they will want to see that it is being hung upside down and that you are allowing all of the blood to drain out of it. If you don’t raise or slaughter animals, but plan to produce halal foods, the auditor will check your equipment to see what materials you are using to lubricate and clean them with. These items shouldn’t contain any animal products or alcohol in the ingredients. They will also want to see that you only are planning to produce halal certified items using the equipment.


After all of the paperwork has been submitted and an audit has been conducted, you may gain approval to receive a halal certificate. It will take at least several weeks before you will receive this approval.

After Approval

One you have been approved for a halal certificate, you will need to maintain your premise at all times by following the correct standards. Audits will be conducted periodically to ensure that your premises are doing so. You will need to renew your halal certificate annually. You shouldn’t wait until the last minute to do so as it can take a while. Plan to submit a renewal at least 2 months before your certificate expires.