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Knowing What You Can Say While You Have a Pending Car Accident Claim

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If you have been in a car accident and believe you may have contributed to it, you may want to admit to it. But, even if you shared some fault for the crash, admitting it could hurt your insurance claim later. In fact, this can give the other driver a reason to file a compensation claim against you.

If you sustained injuries in a car crash due to somebody else’s negligence and you believe you share some fault, get in touch with a houston car accident attorney. Your attorney will review your accident to determine whether or not you can pursue compensation for your losses.

What You Can Say at the Crash Scene

Right after a car accident, you can check on other people involved if you feel fine and it’s safe to do so. You should state at the crash scene and exchange insurance and contact information with the other driver. If there were people who witnessed the accident, you should also ask for their contact information.

Make sure you report the accident to the police, so an officer can investigate it. Once the police arrive, they may ask you some questions like the directions you were traveling when the accident happened. Ensure you give honest answers to their questions and never guess or make assumptions. Never say that you are sorry, that you are also to blame, that you did not see the other driver, or that they came out of nowhere. The other party or their insurance company may interpret these statements as an admission of fault.

Things You Can Say to the Insurance Provider

Someone from an insurance company may contact you soon after the crash. This is a tactic they may use, so they can speak to you before you can retain legal counsel. Insurance adjusters know that they can easily catch you off-guard and trick you into something that could ruin your possible claim in the first few days following the accident. They may request a recorded statement from you; however, you should not give them one no matter what they tell you.

Be Careful About What You Say to Others

Once you file an injury claim against an insurance company, it may assign an investigator to troll you through your social media account to find something that contradicts your previous claims. Your attorney may suggest that you abstain from social media if you have an active claim. Also, you should be careful about what you will say to your friends, family, and coworkers because they can be used as witnesses against you.