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Money Saving Tips for Making Custom Clothing


Finding a business who will print custom clothing for affordable prices can be a challenge, but there are companies out there who offer a wide range of services at competitive prices. Follow these tips and you’ll get great quotes from printing specialists.

Don’t Use a Lot of Colours

One way of saving money when printing bespoke clothing is to choose simple colours like black, white and grey. If you need printed designs for Avon workwear & protective equipment, don’t go overboard by selecting intricate colour designs, it will cost you a lot more to get your products printed. Here are some ways to keep your design simple and singular in colour.

  • Convert it to greyscale
  • Eliminate complex logos
  • Pick a simple logo & use that as your design
  • Alter digital art into a singular colour scheme

Quantity is King

If you are looking to save money on printed clothing, you should buy in bulk. The more clothing you order, the less expensive the order gets. So, think about what you need and hold out on your order until you’ve gathered a long list of products you need printed. It is a simple trick that offers huge reductions.

Think About Print Locations

Simplicity is the key, when getting custom clothing, you should print on either the front or back of the item, don’t do the both. You’ll dramatically reduce your cost by choosing a single side to carry your design.

To save additional money, you should always be flexible with your deadlines and choose a printing specialist who offers discounts to loyal customers.