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Reasons to opt for an online stock broker

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In generic terms brokers have the requisite permission to buy and sell securities at the call of a client. Some of them provide advice to clients on the type of securities they need to buy or sell. They are individuals who interact with the clients at a personal level on the type of securities which they guide to buy or sell. With regards to the choice of the best broker in India opt for an individual who holds the necessary license to buy or sell stocks on your behalf.

Why online discount brokers have become popular of late?

Online discount brokers have become popular of late. Partly this is due to real time information and availability of technology in providing real time updates to clients about investment strategies. Significant differences exist in terms of long term strategies of an investor to someone who is on the lookout for immediate returns. In the market by availing the services of an online broker you can expect significant benefits as follows


This is what use of technology and online domain brings forth to the clients. When you are ready no need to make any immediate phone calls to the clients for execution of trades. In a stock market timing is of essence as stock markets are analysing stocks on a regular basis for making money from stocks. Another notable feature of online brokers is they can execute trades when the market is closed.

Trading platform

Calling up a broker and requesting them answer to a question takes up a lot of valuable time. An online stock broker provides access to software where you are able to analyse stocks as per your areas of interest.


The fees of the online brokers are significantly lower and even lower charges on commission are provided for every transaction they undertake. At the same time fees tends to vary among brokers so you need to be aware about the various charges that are levied before making a call.


In case of an online broker services are provided by various platforms. This can be via phone, email or even chat enabled services. Any quick answers and timely resolution to your problems is provided by the online stock brokers. This poses to be another benefit of using internet and technology.

Market coverage

For a trader in an ideal scenario they would like to be trading in various types of stock markets. Via online trading a host of methods are provided to the investors by which they can broaden your investment portfolio.

To sum it up all online brokers do not operate at the same level. It is necessary to do a homework before you choose a broker as per your needs.

The availability seems to be important criteria. Is the broker available around the clock or they are in a position to execute trades on your behalf. Do they broking firms provide you with any analytical tools that help you to monitor your investments in the market?