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SMS reseller- Build relationships stronger


People make use of mobile devices as well as internet for staying in contact with their customers. But, incorporating the ease of delivering messages through mobile phone and mixing it up with the competence of employing the internet are the main elements to make their business easier to get to and able to be seen to their current and targeted customers. And that can be done through bulk SMS gateway services. They are used to send SMS at a large scale within seconds and the they are classified into two which are promotional and transactional way. In a promotional route one can send promotional related messages like advertisements, offers, discounts and even more while in a transactional route he can send informational messages like OTP’s, bank alert, etc. 

For getting these services, SMS reseller programs are one of the hottest marketing topics in the industry where many consumers are over-saturated with emails. Text messages are also a great alternative. SMS is quick, personal and convenient. One can easily add SMS capabilities to his current offering. People can join SMS reseller programs, and they can capitalize on the popularity of SMS marketing. Through reseller SMS gateway, one can approach to more possible clients, like one have a website where people log on for newsletters and mobile information. If they create their own SMS marketing solution, then it will take years of development and tens of thousands of dollars. One who choose to become an SMS reseller allows him to enter the market right now with a fully developed and tested SMS solution.

Bulk SMS reseller business involves the companies buy Bulk SMS from the Aggregators and then again sell in the market and these companies are the resellers. And they are called resellers because the re-sale the Bulk SMS. They enable Bulk SMS clients to earn additional revenue by buying and then reselling SMS credits to their customers. A reseller buys SMS credits in Bulk and then sells them in smaller batches to their customers. They buy SMS credits from Bulk SMS. The reseller will ideally have huge number of smaller clients rather than a few large clients, and the financial incentive is structured to this end. The resellers risk is that from bulk SMS, the credits need to be bought up and the reseller needs to collect payment from clients. Also, the SMS credits do not expire.

Advantages of the reseller-

  • The reseller can extend their existing commercial relationships with clients for including the ability to send out bulk SMS.
  • Bulk SMS- not able to bill on a monthly basis. Their seller may already be billing the customer on a monthly basis. Therefore, requests to load credits to a customer’s account can be charged easily by their seller to the customer’s monthly account.
  • Bulk SMS- no travelling sales people or training staff. Resellers may visit their customers and, in a position, to help the customer register and/or download software and/or provide training of Bulk SMS products at the customer’s premises.