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Taste And Season As You Go With Tasting Spoons

Tasting Spoons

Whether you are an expert chef or a new trainee, one thing that remains constant for everyone is to taste your food and season it while you are cooking. No one likes their food bland or over-spiced, hence tasting is a crucial part of cooking in a restaurant or even at home. Tasting spoons are underrated but efficient kitchen tools that are used by chefs to taste the seasoning during cooking meals.

What are tasting spoons:

Tasting spoons are dispensable kitchen utensils that are used for tasting seasoning in the meals during food preparation. Every chef has his preferred tasting spoon that can range from anywhere from a local store’s spoon to the tasting spoons made by Chef Gray Kunj. Although every tasting spoon works pretty much the same, it is just a matter of preference for some.

However, over the years some people have come up with new and better versions of tasting spoons. For instance, the tong spoon that has a spoon for tasting on one side and a tong with a measurement scale on the other side. Moving on, the next in the list is fork spoon. Now don’t mix this up with regular spork spoons as on its one end there is a spoon for tasting gravy and other liquids and on the other side is a fork to check chunkier items. These spoons are creative and practical but what matters the most is they should not be made of plastic.

Go for eco-friendly tasting spoons:

It is no surprise that increased usage of plastic is causing trouble to our environment and we need to switch to using the three R of childhood- reduce, reuse and recycle. Along with other products, the food industry is to be blamed for not only using plastic packaging but also not attempting to reduce plastic usage.

There are various alternatives to plastic spoons such as wooden spoons and cardboard spoons. The idea of cardboard spoons might appear inaccurate since you cannot use it for liquids. However, various companies manufacture quality cardboard spoons that can be used for tasting spoons. The other substitute for plastic spoons and forks is using a wooden spoon and fork. A wooden spoon is not only made of excellent quality of wood but can also be used for both liquids and solids. In addition to this, both cardboard and wooden spoons can be used for eating ice cream or cereal or salads. Steel cutlery is also a good substitute for plastic since you do not have to throw them away every time you use them and they last long for many years. Stainless steel cutlery is not only eco-friendly but is reusable and recyclable.