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The Cost of Hiring a Web Developer


With the onset of CMS platforms and 1-click website installations, you may feel as if the role of the traditional web developer is surplus to requirements. In reality, that couldn’t be further from the truth as a skilled web developer can often bring a range of abilities to the table which will allow you to make your next project truly unique.

With that said, the cost of hiring a web developer can vary dramatically based on the services you require as well as the size of your project. To assist, this guide is going to provide an overview of the factors which will influence cost.

Project Scope

Your first step is to fully detail your project from start to finish. You might not currently know exactly what is required to deliver your project but you should know what your end goal is and what success should look like.

To that end, you should create a detailed scope which includes;

  • A detailed overview of what your web project is trying to achieve.
  • An overview of the must-have features you need incorporating into your project.
  • A list of deliverables and a project timeline to match.

A simple website that doesn’t require any customisation and can make use of a simple off the shelf template will be much cheaper to design and put together than a fully customised e-commerce store with a range of additional features.

Simply put, the larger your project and the more detail required, the more you can expect to pay.

Hiring a Freelance Web Developer or An Agency

Your choices are to either approach an individual who is offering their developer services as a freelancer or to hire through an agency. Both options have their pros and cons and will dictate just how much you end up paying for the delivery of your project.

What we can say is that you will likely pay more to tap into an agency’s level of expertise than you would to hire a freelancer who is offering their services on a freelance platform.

Consider Your Intended Web Platform

The two main options when developing web based platforms is a choice between Linux and Windows. The difference is in how the critical aspects of your project are hosted which include databases and other back end systems.

Windows requires several licences, all of which have the ability to bump up costs whereas MySQL is usually much cheaper and the go to option for Linux users.

There is no right or wrong answer and your choice will depend upon the level of functionality you need.

Hiring a Web Developer

When you’re ready to proceed with your project, you will need to canvas and shortlist a number of candidates for their suitability. A web developer in Melbourne can be found by searching on a range of freelance platforms or by approaching a suitable web development agency. Whichever route you take, ensure that your requirements are always outlined from the beginning.

Hiring a web developer instead of going it alone will provide you with the support you need to ensure that your project is delivered exactly to your requirements.