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The Value of Outsourcing Courier Services

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Outsourcing or in-house? It is often a question that most business owners ponder over, but when it comes to operating a small business, it is more beneficial to hire a reliable courier company to deal with deliveries rather than employing an in-house team. The following article will discuss some of the advantages of outsourcing this service.


Outsourcing > If you’re planning on outsourcing your courier service you can avail of a professional delivery team who understand the complexities involved in getting packages to their destination on time and without damage. They’ve experience dealing with all kinds of companies, so they’ll have no issues getting your products to your clients without delay. A long-standing organisation know how to get things done right, they’ve successful methods and procedures in place that ensure items reach their destination without any issues. If they do encounter any problems they’ve excellent contingency plans in place, so you won’t have to worry about issues like breakdowns or drives calling in sick. They also know all the best routes and they’ve outstanding knowledge of various towns and cities.

In-house > One of the problems with using an in-house courier is their experience. If you’re running a small business and you decide to use a staff member to conduct deliveries, you will encounter all kinds of issues.

  • They’ll lack knowledge of the surrounding area and the location of local businesses.
  • They’ll call in sick and leave you with no driver.
  • Your customers won’t have access to features such as product tracking.
  • They may not be as willing to make deliveries on time as a company who have been hired to do so.
  • They’re not worried about losing their contract.

Reduced Expenses:

Outsourcing > Choosing to hire an independent courier service drastically reduces your expenses. You don’t have to worry about paying a driver a monthly wage or supplying a vehicle. You no longer have to be concerned with vehicle maintenance or damage insurance, all you have to do is call the courier to come and collect your packages, let them worry about the rest.

Ensuring features like a one-day delivery service can be stressful and difficult to manage if you’re relying on a single, in-house courier. But, professional companies have a whole fleet of runners who can easily tend to your demands.

In-house > Selecting a member of staff to work as an in-house drive can be highly inconvenient and expensive. You’ll have to supply them with a vehicle, or if you’re running a small business you may have to allow them access to your own car. You’ll have to pay for insurance, car maintenance and fuel expenses. You’ll also lose out on damages if any items get broken during transit.

Using an experienced, reputable courier company can save you a lot of hassle when it comes to running your own business. They allow you to provide a greater level of customer service by ensuring your packages are delivered on time at a reduced cost to your enterprise. You also create more them to focus on your core business services.