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Tips for Dealing with Asbestos Disposal


Eradicating and disposing of asbestos is a complex process because it causes severe medical issues if mishandled. Asbestos waste cannot be disposed of with normal rubbish and is subject to management controls in hazardous waste regulation and removal. Exercising proper safety by wearing masks and gloves during the entire removal process is essential to preventing medical complications.

What is Asbestos?

Asbestos was once hailed as a magical mineral and is now known as one of the worst public health menaces. It is a naturally occurring mineral composed of soft, flexible fibres that can be manipulated into a fluffy quality. Because it is an incredibly effective insulator, asbestos once was a highly sought-after material and made a very profitable business. But the small dust particles are impossible to detect and easy for a person to inhale and swallow, leaving the fibres in the body forever causing inflammation and, eventually, genetic damage.

Disposal and Removal

Properly eliminate asbestos from your home by wearing full covering, gloves, and a mask, and additionally consult with an expert asbestos removal company in Tonbridge. With the help of a company, you can be sure that all hazardous waste laws are followed, and your home will be asbestos free. Remember these tips:

  • Keep asbestos damp while removing it
  • Don’t cut, saw, break, or smash
  • Wrap each asbestos sheet according to official guidelines
  • Hire a removal company with a skip to properly remove the asbestos

Always make sure that any company you hire has the proper paperwork and licensing to correctly dispose of asbestos.