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Top 5 Uses of Virtual Reality in Industries Today


Virtual reality or augmented reality, as some of you know it today was just a concept at one point of time. It then became the “in thing” in the world of gaming. However, today it has slowly made its way into our daily lives and changed the way we do things. This means that virtual reality hire services are becoming key to business practices.

Let’s see how virtual reality is making a great difference in different industry segments.


Virtual reality has allowed our medical practitioners to create a virtual anatomy on which they can practice specialized treatments. This becomes extremely useful for those doctors and diagnostic centres that use CGI technology to treat complex anatomical problems. This way doctors can be well prepared for surgeries where blood loss can cause critical problems. This also gives the younger doctors an opportunity to learn the more complex surgical procedures without putting human lives at risk.

Legal or Judiciary

We know that a lot of prosecutors spend a great deal of time in reconstructing a crime scene for the judge and jury. However, it is not always easy to do so. Virtual reality can make the life of prosecutors easy because now they can use VR to reconstruct a crime scene during a courtroom hearing. Each step can be set up in VR to show exactly how a crime was committed. This will help the judges and jury to make a fair decision.


Any retail brand or outlet will always have two objectives – 1) to increase sales, and 2) to increase the number of customers. Virtual reality can help you do both. If you are running an automotive retail outlet then you can create a model of a car in a simulated environment and let your potential customers experience it. If you are running a fashion or an apparel house then you can create the virtual image of your customer with the preferred clothes. This will give them an idea as to how the apparel will look on them without even trying it.


Virtual reality can redefine the way we conduct classroom sessions. You can create a scene from the World War era in a simulated environment while you teach history. You can even set up the Asian continent to teach geography. The uses are far too many for virtual reality here. But the crux of the matter is that it can boost cognitive learning and make it more efficient.

Real Estate

Realtors can rejoice now because virtual reality gives them an opportunity to make their listings as real as possible. They can give their customers a virtual tour of the properties without having to take them to the actual site. The customers can just sit at their home and tour the properties, select the ones that they like, and then make an actual site visit. This makes realty dealings simple and convenient for the realtors as well as for their customers.