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Top Kids Toys From Online Toys Store


When you purchase kids toys you want to buy best cheap and branded toys must have the functionality, quality, features, soft, guaranty, warranty, price and many more. With ecommerce services you can find the best toys in lowest price. Please have a look below some details of kid?s toys.

(1). Smallest Radio Control Helicopter

World Smallest Radio Control Helicopter comes with very unique roto-blade mechanism that provides strong and steady lifting power for flying. Equipped with sophisticated design on rudder mechanism, It can hover very steadily in the air. Two-channel and digital proportional remote control provide players smooth maneuverability.


?          The world’s smallest and lightest mini RC helicopter, It comes ready to fly

?          An incorporated auto stability system making it easy to fly

?          A pre-installed two channel proportional wide beam infrared control system that is also tri-band A, B, C

?          Recharging takes place via the included transmitter

?          A lightweight Lithium Polymer flight battery

?          A small blue LED strobe light that flashes in-flight for night flying

?          A Spare Tail Propeller

Please Note: Colour of final Product may vary as compared to The One on Display

Full instructions:

?          Suitable for indoor flying only, A charge of 30 minutes is equal to a 10 minute flight

?          Age group: Suitable for ages 8 years+

?          Requires 6 x AA Batteries for the transmitter not included

?          The transmitter has an Alignment Trim, a Charging and Power Indicator, a Left/Right Lever and a Trimmer

(2). Mitashi Smart Pro Kids Laptop

Talking Laptop, 24 Smart Activities

24 activities for English Language + Logic Games + Maths + Music activities with friendly voice.

  1. Language:

? Alphabet Order, Missing Latter, Fun Latter, Remember it

? Find the letters thats different, Correct the word

  1. Logic & Games

? Hanio, ? Missing numbers, Find the picture thats different

? Guess the number, Clock, Counting Challenge

  1. Math Challenge

? Add , Subtract , Multiply, Divide, Blend Operation

? Select A Symbol, Name The Shape, Find The Equation

  1. Music Activities

? Follow, The Note, Music Fun, Piano Play, Dance & Music

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Dropship Companies

What is Dropshipping?

Sometimes companies will ship out products one at a time rather than making customers purchase them in bulk and ship them out themselves; this is known as dropshipping. One form of dropshipping is Blind Dropshipping; this occurs when the company that is dropshipping puts the receivers business name and address on the package as a return address.

Where are Dropshippers Found?

Dropshippers may be found through Dropship directories, manufacturers, and joint ventures.

Dropship Directories

These are online databases created by companies that go to trade shows and determine which companies are willing to dropship. The companies are then divided into categories based on the products they offer. Some common dropship directories include, but are not limited to, and.

There may be a fee associated with the directories but they are well worth the fee for the time which will be saved by using a directory instead of taking the time to research. Some Dropshipping Directories will even offer discounts


Larger manufacturers may not dropship but smaller manufacturers may. It is important to call or email the manufacturer about a specific product and tell them you are starting an online business. Next, ask if they are able to Dropship or if they have a distributer over your area or region that can. If they cannot Dropship, they may be able to list someone who can.

What Fees are Associated With Dropshipping?

It is important to know the fees which are associated with Dropshipping. There are three different ways fees may be applied: price markup, fixed rate, and a monthly fee. Price markup occurs when the manufacturer and the wholesaler mark up the price in order to make a marginal profit.

Some Dropshippers may apply a fixed rate per product; say around $25. There may be a monthly fee to be a part of the warehouse allowing you to pay one flat rate for the entire month, regardless of the number of products.

Make sure to always ask the Dropshipper what kind of fees they charge. If all three fees apply, chances are a profit cannot be made on the product. However, there may not be any fees applied. Research and make sure the best deal is being made.

What Is The Difference Between A Virtual Assistant And A Personal Assistant? Which OneWould You Prefer?

There are a lot of similarities between the two but which one will best suit you? A lot of times, it?s your personality that would help in making the right decision. Let?s see if we could figure this thing out.

The major thing that a PA and a VA have in common is their understanding of office and clerical tasks as well as the knowledge of a daily business practices. Also, they both have the capability to do tasks at the same time.

Both of these kinds of workers will be educated and trained to use both office tools like PC, fax machine, multi line telephone system, printer and copier. They both offer services such as marketing, website maintenance, website design, entry of data, customer service etc.

So where does the similarities end? Let?s talk about the VA first. The Virtual Assistant has the freedom to do his/her tasks from any place that is convenient for him/her. Of course a lot of them work from their homes but they are able to perform their work anywhere that they have the right to use all of the equipment needed.

The Virtual Assistant doesn?t have to deal with their customers? face to face or even their customers? associates, family, and friends. They can do their job even with their nightwear or whatever. These freedoms are maybe why others prefer to be a VA rather than a PA.

The Personal Assistant, even as performing a lot of the same tasks as a Virtual Assistant, they are often obliged to be actively involved in their customer/client?s business. They can be asked to do more personal stuffs like walking the dog, bill payments, and a lot of other things.

So which job would you prefer? Normally it boils down to the personality and personal preference. If you favor a more flexible schedule that will allow you more time in your house and you will not deal with you customers face to face, then maybe being a VA is the right course for you.

If you?re comfortable with being actively involved with your customer?s life and following their calendar as well as dealing with their personal lives, then perhaps being a PA is just right for you.