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Top Signs Why You Need a Child Custody Lawyer

Child Custody Lawyer

A divorce usually comes with a lot of different problems. Child custody is an essential factor. Most people often believe myths about hiring a child custody lawyer, thinking it will cause additional damage. However, this is entirely wrong. 

The Law Office of Amanda J. Cook provides you full service in your custody case. Unlike other law services that only look for profit, the attorney truly cares about their clients’ emotional wellbeing.  

There are various situations when you must seek legal assistance from a professional. Since the lawyers are highly qualified and experienced, they will ensure that your child is safe and stays with you. If you are not sure if you should consider a child custody lawyer or not, here are top signs indicating why you need one.

The court has issued a date:

The laws are constantly evolved. Every state includes different sets of rules and obligations that one needs to follow. However, the main thing that stays common is the need for a lawyer. Having a lawyer helps you understand your custody case in detail and how to be assertive during the court hearing so that your parental rights are well protected.

Your former partner is not allowing you to meet the child: 

In only exceptional cases, a parent is denied access to their child. For instance, if you have been abusive towards your child in the past, then only your ex has the right to keep the child away. 

And if that is not the case, you must immediately reach out to a lawyer, and they will surely take this matter to court. Not only will it release your direct contact from the situation, but it also will be less emotionally taxing for you.

You think your child is in danger: 

One of the reasons for your separation from your partner could be their violent nature, and if your child has been a victim in the past, then it is high time you contact the lawyer. The lawyer will not only get your child out of the dangerous environment but also collect clues against your ex-partner and their possible need for medical help.

These are some primary reasons when you must seek legal help, but be sure that your lawyer aligns with your needs. You can always request a consultation before ultimately hiring someone, and Amanda J. Cook offers that – so do contact her firm at 253-265-7515.