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Best Time of the year to make a CV?


It may seem like an obvious question, but when is the best time to make a CV and get out there scanning the marketplace for jobs that will meet your needs and make you happy. If you applying for the first time and get rejected or feel there aren’t many opportunities around, this article should give you a boost as it will demonstrate, as with most things in life, job recruitment is a cycle in itself.

Winter or Summer?

Statiscally, it is widely known that most people will make a CV during the Christmas period in time for the beginning of January. This strategy is a good one as firms are very often unwilling to commit Human Resources in the two months preceding Christmas for long term roles to be filled and therefore do not focus as much on recruitment, unless urgent, as they do the rest of the year. Additionally, most companies will budget for the year ahead 6 months prior to the year end, with the hope of getting the budget approved and funds allocated for each department by the beginning of January so that they can meet their individual targets and prosper for the company. In doing so, candidates must not despair if the month of January is usually just as quiet as the month of December as companies analyse their performance over the crucial winter months and want to make sure recruitments are necessary for growth, not simply to increase the payroll and decrease efficiency!

Creating your CV

Having deducted the most optimal time to find a job are the months following on from January, the next step is to create your own CV that will distinguish itself from the rest of the crowd and make you the number one candidate in the review process. To achieve this, any candidate, whether they are a student or professional seeking a career change must structure their CV accordingly. A great way to start is to research for CV making websites that offer extremely well made CV’s and allow you to focus on the essential, selling your story, through personal achievements and experiences that will make any recruiter want to pick up the phone and arrange to meet you in an instant! It is important to keep in mind that as there will be hundreds of applications for the most wanted jobs, it is key to be as specific and concise as you can be with your example and crucially, link them to the job you are applying for. This will show the employer you understand the job description and how you have matched your skills to the requirements that are being seeked upon with this position.