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Civil rights violation: You must get an attorney

Civil rights violation

Despite all the buzz, civil rights violations are way too common in the United States. Common examples for violation of civil rights include gender discrimination, illegal search and seizure, housing discrimination, workplace sexual harassment, and excessive force.  Unfortunately, many are unaware of their legal options, while others do not have the case to file and win a lawsuit. That’s exactly where an experienced attorney can help. In this post, we are sharing more about hiring a civil rights attorney. 

Legal remedies in a lawsuit involving civil rights

In most cases, attorneys seek compensation for their clients. The financial award can help the person tide through turbulent times and deal with losses like lost income. Besides financial elements, a civil rights case could be about getting an order for the other party. For example, if the employee was fired for a wrongful reason, the court may order the employer to return the employee’s job and pay for the lost wages. Every civil rights violation case is unique in its ways, and you can expect the attorney to offer all the support you need to bolster your case. 

Finding the right lawyer

Not all attorneys deal with such cases. Experience is easily the biggest factor in finding a lawyer, and you must check the percentage of a lawyer’s practice dedicated to civil rights cases. You may also want to know about some of their best cases and settlements, and don’t forget to check online for reviews. Most law firms have a website these days, and you can also ask around for references. Keep in mind that a good attorney must be available to discuss the case. You can also expect a free case evaluation. 

Cost of hiring a civil rights attorney

A lot of civil rights lawyers work on a contingency fee. This is a common arrangement where the lawyer gets paid if the client wins a settlement. However, some cases are not about trying for a financial settlement. In such cases, the lawyer may ask for an hourly charge or a flat fee. 

Knowing your rights and legal options is necessary. If you have been treated unfairly or believe that any of your civil rights have been violated, meeting an attorney is a smart step. Lawyers know the state laws and understand how local courts function. Ensure that you discuss all details of the case, including merits and demerits, to know if your lawsuit will hold in court.