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Here’s why you need to engage an accident lawyer in Spokane

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Washington is a fault state. If someone (who owed you a duty of care) was responsible for an accident in Spokane that caused you serious injuries and losses, you could file an injury claim. The other party may not be able to change the time, but they can compensate for your damages to minimize your financial impact. Right after an accident in Spokane, you need to consider calling an attorney. Personal injury law firms like Albrecht Law have some of the best personal injury attorneys in Washington, and these experienced lawyers can make a big difference to your case. Below is an overview of why hiring an accident lawyer is so relevant and necessary.

Because insurance companies don’t play fair

Following an accident in Spokane, you may assume that the other party’s insurer will offer an acceptable settlement amount. Sadly, insurance companies are not here for charity. They will do anything and everything to minimize their liability. The insurance representative will always try their ways to accuse you of negligence, which can mean a small compensation. With an attorney by your side, you are unlikely to settle for anything less than what you deserve. Personal injury lawyers know what it takes to deal with the insurance company.

Because you need to avoid common mistakes

Following a car accident or any personal injury, you need to contact a lawyer, who can advise on your rights. The lawyer will typically share a few dos and don’ts that can help your claim. For instance, even when you have not sustained serious injuries, they may ask you to see a doctor. They may also advise against talking to the insurance company until it’s time. Lawyers can also take care of the paperwork, which can otherwise feel overwhelming. Any mistake in evidence presentation and paperwork can impact your case and the expected settlement.

Because the matter can end up in trial

Most personal injury and accident cases in Washington are settled through negotiation. However, if the other party and their insurer refuse to pay a fair amount or there are concerns related to settlement recovery, your lawyer may take legal action. Filing a lawsuit is necessary at times, and for that, you will need a lawyer who knows the local courts and has experience representing accident victims in court.

If you had a share in the accident, you need to definitely find an attorney to avoid the complications.