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How A Lawyer Can Defend Your DUI Charge

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Driving under alcohol influence is a severe criminal offense and has legal consequences. Alcohol can cause vision impairment and alter your judgment, thus posing a great threat to yourself and others on the road. Therefore, the government has specially trained police officers to identify DUI drivers and catch them.

If your car has been stopped while driving under the influence, you will need an experienced criminal lawyer in Rochester, NY, to defend your case. DUI cases are taken pretty seriously, and it is common to feel helpless, but the right lawyer can help protect your rights and lessen your penalties.

How a DUI lawyer can help:

Gather evidence on your behalf.

Any legal case is only proved when there is sufficient proof. An attorney can conduct an investigation of your case using a personal investigator to dig out evidence that works in your favor. These may include gathering video footage of your driving to see whether you violated a traffic law and talking to witnesses, and taking their contact information. An attorney can potentially produce proof that may even question the legality of the arrest.

Avoid permanent criminal records.

A criminal record in government papers can affect your personal and professional life significantly. A DUI record can potentially cause you to lose your current job, future job opportunities, and cancellation of college scholarships. An attorney can help you clear your name.

Negotiate on your behalf.

The prosecution is likely going to pressure you into admitting guilt. Without professional help, it can get challenging to negotiate with them. An attorney can speak with the prosecution on behalf of you and point out the weaknesses in their case using the available evidence. If no weaknesses are there, they can use various strategies to reduce your penalties.

Prevent your driving license from getting suspended.

Usually, if you have been caught red-handed in a DUI case, there is no way to save yourself from a suspension of your license. However, a good lawyer can help minimize the suspension time and may even be able to prove that the arrest was illegal.

Peace of mind.

Without a law degree, chances are you won’t feel much confidence going into the courtroom solo. Due to your lack of legal knowledge, you would not know how to protect your rights and save yourself from damages. With an attorney by your side, you can rest assured that a skilled professional is handling your case and will give their best to produce a favorable outcome. Moreover, without the assistance of an attorney, it is possible that you may say or do the wrong thing, which may weaken your case even more.