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When should I hire a construction accident lawyer in New York?

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When compared to workers in other industries, construction workers may have the highest risk of getting injured on the job. Getting compensation for the same can be a tedious task. So Powers & Santola LLP of New York can help you in getting the claim. In this blog, you will read about when you should hire a construction accident lawyer. 

When Should I Consult a Lawyer?

Suppose you have been hurt on a building site. In that case, you should contact a construction accident lawyer as quickly as possible to ensure that you obtain the most reasonable compensation available. You may have to pay for medical bills and missed earnings, so contact an attorney as soon as possible. Even though you have up to four years to submit a legal claim, the longer you wait, the more difficult it will be to prove your case. Before signing any settlement offers presented to you by a representative of your employer or an insurance company, consult an attorney to ensure that all injuries and financial losses are covered.

Contact a lawyer for fair compensation. 

You want to ensure that you are being fairly compensated and not coerced into a settlement by your employer’s insurance provider. Contact an expert personal injury lawyer as soon as possible to protect your legal rights to compensation. Some lawyers provide a free private consultation to assist you in choosing the best line of action for obtaining full compensation for a construction-related accident.

When can you claim compensation with the help of a lawyer?

  • Falls: The owners and general contractors must maintain safety on project sites that require personnel to be suspended at high altitudes by constructing guardrails or other protective measures to avoid serious injury or death as a consequence of a fall. A failure to ensure safety would allow for the worker to get compensation.
  • Falling objects: Falling Debris, Scaffolding, Cranes or Crane Loads, Tools and Equipment, or ladders make construction employees frequently wounded. Wounds also caused by falling debris and scaffolding deserve attention, and the company would compensate the worker. 
  • Dangerous or Defective Equipment: In case of defective tools and equipment malfunction due to poor design or production, workers might suffer a catastrophic injury and, after that, can claim compensation. 


Workers’ compensation rules, in most situations, restrict an injury claim stemming from a work-related injury. However, in rare situations, a third party, such as the maker of a faulty tool, may be able to compensate you. Before applying for the claim, make sure you complete research for the same.