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Increasing Productivity with Incentives and a Better Workplace Environment


Whether you run a small business, a big corporation, or an organization, creating a healthy work environment is essential for increased productivity and profits. According to the principles of business management, an increase in employee productivity centres around two major areas that include the worker’s personal motivation and the workplace environment.

Motivational incentives are given prime importance when it comes to increasing employee productivity and the most popular methods of motivating an employee include promotions and salaries. While monetary benefits are an important motive for people to perform better, it is not the only driving force. There are a number of other important factors as well.

Other Factors Affecting Employee Productivity

No doubt, money is important, and an extremely important incentive for the workers. However, the truth remains that there is no way for the employees to quantify every duty they perform in terms of money. What they can feel all the time though, is appreciation and a sense of accomplishment, especially if a project they were working on is completed successfully.

Motivating the Employees

In order to create loyal workers for your company that show maximum productivity and work efficiency, you need to motivate them effectively. A motivating work environment gives birth to healthy competition in addition to satisfied workers. When they know their efforts are valued, they will be putting their best work forward. For example, Power2Motivate does this extremely well with ideas such as performance awards, recognition programs, and sales incentive programs.

We believe that the best way to motivate an employee is through praising their efforts. If the managers know how to effectively appreciate their team, the productivity of the workers is bound to increase tremendously.

Setting Targets and Goal

Another highly effective method of increasing the workers’ productivity is by setting achievable goals for them. This allows them to stay focused on their target as they strive to perform their best in a particular frame of time. This not only ensures quality but also allows for more quantity of work. Moreover, the employees feel that they are ready for the next project as soon as they are done with their first one.

The Workplace Environment

Apart from motivating the employees on an individual level, the physical layout of the working area also plays an important role in determining the productivity of the workers. Unfortunately, most of the managers or owners decide to go ahead with minimal office accessories. What they take to be their way of controlling the expenditure is, in reality, an obstacle in the way of their employees’ productivity.

At http://www.theworkpod.co, companies can easily book extra work space for ongoing tasks and special meetings. This can truly help them tackle the obstacle of providing a better work environment to their employees.

As important as it is to provide the workers with a refreshing workplace environment, we also recommend adding some greenery to the floorplan. Companies such as http://www.theplantman.com.au/ are doing a great job at providing high value products that can bring life to your office.

In addition to the aesthetics, it is also crucial that the work environment is a fun place for the employees to get together as well. They should be able to unwind there in case they get exhausted after doing a lot of work. Scheduling a little break time is a definite way to triple their productivity, making working fun for them.